Mikko Porvali

Photograph of Mikko Porvali

I am a Finnish author writing mostly about military history. I became involved in TWGPP because I feel great respect for the ordinary "front line servicemen" who lost their lives during the 20th century. TWGPP offered me valuable help when I was finishing my manuscript relating Normandy campaign - and I am looking forward to give some help in return. My family comes from the Carelian Isthmus (between Finland and Russia) which has been a theatre of bitter fights for centuries. During the Second World War some of my relatives got killed in the Winter War, Continuation War (FIN Army) and in France during the Battle of Normandy (CAN Army). Some more distant relatives of mine had already got killed in Russian Civil War and during the Stalin's Purges in Soviet Union, so I share both historical and genealogical interest in documenting graveyards. Even though it is rather exceptional to find any Commonwealth graves in Finland, we do have quite a number of other war graves due to our history. There are some 95.000 Finnish war graves, more than 3.000 German graves (most of them in Rovaniemi Norvajärvi cemetery) and a number of Soviet POW graves. I am happy to help whenever I can if anyone needs information about these cemeteries or graves.


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