Frequently asked questions

Q. I cannot find my relation I am looking for yet I know for a fact he was killed in the war?
A. Please contact

Q. How can I help the project?
A. Contact Steve via the email addresses on the 'Contact Us' page.

Q. Can you conduct research.
A. We have limited facilities as we are a volunteer organisation and research takes a lot of time. We can provide 'pointers'

Q. Why should I donate to obtain a copy of a photograph.
A. Refer to 'Search' page for explanation.

Q. I have submitted photographs but cannot see them on site yet?
A. The site went live in Feb 08. Each photograph has to be reduced in size (thumbnails) manually to load onto the site. With over 1 Million images this will take some time but to view an example look at Turin Cemetery. In the first instance details will be loaded up which can be completed considerably faster.

Q. Can I view a list of outstanding cemeteries to be completed?
A. Due to numbers it would be impossible to keep this updated on site. Please 'Contact Us' if you would like to help in particular areas.

Q. The images on site are not that clear. If I order one are they of the same quality?
A. The images on site have been reduced in quality to allow you to view them quickly. Uploading large images takes an age. The image you will receive, (providing the wording was clear on the stone) will be high resolution.

Q. When requesting a name on a memorial do I just receive a picture of the memorial or the actual name?
A. You will receive a photo of the panel on which the name is engraved and a picture of the memorial as well.

Q. I would like to donate to help maintain this worthwhile project, How can I help?
A. Monetary or equipment donations would be very much appreciated. Contact Steve via the 'Contact Us' page.

Q. I have found on your site two graves for a relative. I cannot understand how they could have two graves as CWGC say they are buried overseas but you also have them buried in UK is this a mistake?
A. It is not unusual for the family to commemorate the fallen on their own family headstone in UK for casualties buried abroad or missing. This enables the family have a focal point to remember them by and can be an aid to Family historians. TWGPP have decided to photograph these family headstones as many are now falling into disrepair.