Bodil Kristine Fagerthun

Photograph of Bodil Kristine Fagerthun

I was born and have lived in Narvik most of my life.When I grew up there was always a lot of talk about the war, how life was and the terrible battles around the Narvik area. My family had a cabin i Øyjord, and I remember we found things from soldiers in the woods for many years after the war was over. Like helmets and shoes. My father was a soldier in IR -16 and fought against nazi Germans in the mountains around Gratangen. That north- Norwegian soldiers - some of them farmers and fishermen with little military training - for around two months fought against- and actually beat Hitlers brigades in this area in 1940, is alas highly under- estimated in Norwegian official history books. I am a member of Narvik Camera Club, and when there came a request for continuing Hans Christian Forsaas work of photographing British war graves I thought it was right to do so. In honour of those brave young British men and their families.


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