Jean Menier

Photograph of Jean Menier

I am maried with Annick for now (oh, my God !), more than 45 years ! ! ! We have 3 children (Jean-François, 38, lawyer ; Pierre-Yves, 35, car seller ; Marianne, 28, Gendarme at the Garde Républicaine). Three grand-children (5 (boy), 4 and 2 years old (girls). Annick fancies horse riding. She is quite good at that. She also likes gardening. We have two Weimaraners. Apart from photography and pigeons, I have some hens for fresh eggs ! I play bridge 2 or 3 times a week. I was a professional entomologist at the National Museum of Natural History, Paris. Also forensic entomologist with the french Gendarmerie nationale ( I trained the first team of forensic gendarmes some 20 years ago). I have been a Scientific Expert with and for them.


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