Jeroen Niels

Photograph of Jeroen Niels

Amsterdam. As I was born in Arnhem in 1984, my main interest is the famous battle which took place in September 1944. Through the years I provided various battlefield tours in this area, by different organizations like the Arnhem Tourist Office and the Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’. I work at the Airborne Museum for almost 4 years, in which I have the privilege of meeting many veterans of the Second World War. Besides this I follow a course on Cultural Heritage in Amsterdam for 3 years now. This study has learned me to look far more broader than only focussing on Arnhem ‘44 in historical context. My main interest lies in the approach of battlefields as heritage sites and the role they play as being places of collective community history for a particular group or nation. War cemeteries plays an important role in this understanding. I hope that my contribution to The War Graves Photographic Project can be a part in completing this photographic database. So everybody has the opportunity to look at the headstone of their loved ones and to commemorate these brave men.


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