Laurence Bertholet

Photograph of Laurence Bertholet

"OUR LADY IN FRANCE" Last year, I came across Commonwealth graves of Canadian soldiers. I thought these poor soldiers had died so far from their home that their family would probably never have the opportunity neither to go and meditate at their grave, nor to see where they rested. How not to be moved and saddened. Of course, history books with their accounts are tragic but facing these graves is so different and even much sadder. I mean you suddenly face real soldiers with names, first names, see how young they died, and you, kind of, share a part of their story, without forgetting these hearbreaking messages from their family engraved on a cold stone ... "Luckily", I had the idea to take these graves in photo and send them to the Commonwealth. I suppose it was bound to happen... That's how the Commonwealth told me about the TWGPP. I am very honoured to take part in this project and help families to "reunite" again. After all these soldiers' sacrifices included the one of their life, that’s the least we can do to show them our gratitude and sympathy. This way, at least, they do not sink into oblivion and they go on living in people's memories …


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