John Powell

Photograph of John Powell

Oystermouth. John Powell was born in West Cross, Swansea in 1943 and worked with his wife Carol in the retail trade in Swansea and Mumbles for over 45 years, but have now retired. They have two daughters and six grandchildren. He is Programme Secretary of Oystermouth Historical Association and an active member of Ty Hanes Mumbles local history exhibition centre, which is run in partnership with Mumbles Development Trust, where Carol is the History Project Coordinator. In 1992, he began research into the backgrounds of the local men who had died in the Great War and continued with those of the Second World War. This culminated in November 2006, when the Community Council added all the names to the local war memorial. The results of the research are included in our exhibitions and on our website. With colleagues, he has guided tours of the Great War battlefields of the Western Front and visited Normandy, Arnhem & Verdun - and this year, Gallipoli. Locally, he leads walks on Mumbles Hill, which has a long history of industry and wartime defences.


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