Chiara L

Photograph of Chiara L

I studied to become a teacher, then I preferred to study a degree in nursing which is the profession I work in now. I don't feel that I belong to a particular place. I think there are boundaries, on maps, that everyone has their own characteristics and culture, but in front of the basic needs of life, we are all similar. I passed many times by the "graveyard of the English" (Faenza War Cemetery) that's how it is called in the city in my life even as a child, but I never entered it. For the first time this year I visited the cemetery. Upon entering, I read the names of guys in their twenties or so, from many parts of the world, who have come here, in Italy, fighting to oust the Nazi-fascist beast. Many were injured, died in a foreign land, far away of their beloved ones, perhaps feeling alone, when they could have faced a long and happy life. I want to work together to reciprocate in some way the sacrifice of these guys and our partisans, and say thanks, thanks also to their relatives."


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