Saif Ul Islam

Photograph of Saif Ul Islam

“I am saif ul islam born in family who has been serving the military since many decades from the great empire of Afghanistan Mehmod shah Ghaznavi to yet in Pakistan Army and in addition to the Royal Britain army too.I am graduated from the state engineering university with Bachelors in metallurgical engineering and have served in INTERTEK as business development executive now serving as a Design engineer in a private engineering firm. With the great knowledge of technical expertise my mind has been diverted to various hobbies including touring various places ,learning about it and collection antique stuffs all in all the photography covers whole the section which has motivated me to work and share my thoughts through images.. In fact,I am not a got eye catcher but I use to try to take the images with best possible efforts. I am very passionate person ,target oriented and self motivated which have created my mind to study more at doctorate level preferably in Project or Engineering Management. I am working as a with common wealth grave organization as an volunteer because with the help of them and especially with many thanks to Mr. Steve who had let me know about one of the lost family member been martyred in world war 2 in Italy .


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